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Community colleges urged to improve data collection

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new report has urged community colleges to collect data pertaining to their students in order to better their service.

The LA Times has reported the findings of the Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy study which followed the academic success and careers of 250,000 first-time students from 2003 to 2009.

According to the news provider, the report called for community colleges to step up their data collection efforts so that they could follow progress made by their students.

The results of the study may encourage a number of education institutions to see how investing in improved data collection and data quality tools can help them collect and store information.

However, while the report highlights the benefits of adopting an approach focused around data gathering, it laments the fact that many institutions have not taken this up.

"Community colleges seldom employ this kind of analysis," the LA Times explained.

"The institute's report urges community colleges to collect data on their students' class choices and progress in them."

Posted by Richard Jones