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Companies can 'minimize errors' with address matching tools

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A significant reduction in business costs is one of the primary reasons that investing in address verification tools is vital for organizations.

TCM Net has highlighted the importance of having an effective data quality strategy when it comes to customer contact information, with this helping to minimize errors on databases.

The news provider cited a study into contact data perceptions, cleansing practices and accuracy levels by Experian QAS, conducted earlier this year.

According to the results, "nearly two out of three businesses find that between five and 30 per cent of their marketing budget is wasted annually as a result of bad data."

Implementing an effective data quality program allied with an address verification tool will help to reduce this waste.

However, the process does not stop there and the news source explained that businesses need to ensure that all new contact information is accurate before it enters a centralized database.

Posted by Richard Jones