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Companies can tap social media chatter for better insight

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Marketers who are able to harness social media content and check it for data quality can find valuable insights to improve the returns on their campaigns. In fact, some businesses are doing more than simply monitoring their customers' conversations on social media pages, as Destination CRM reports. They are adopting big data strategies that enable them to move into the realm of predictive analytics.

To support this assertion, the source recalls MTV's introduction of the Teen Wolf television remake. In a video testimonial with Networked Insights about the show's launch, MTV's vice president of consumer marketing, Damon Burrell, explains that initial assumptions the story would a have residual following were found to be false based on social media conversations. Using posts as guidance, the marketing team recrafted its message to cater to the interests of viewers, who responded well to plot lines that focused on romance. 

Companies might be losing out on valuable opportunities to give their customers what they want if they overlook social media data. Travel Weekly suggests that businesses create opportunities for clients to participate as a way to glean information about products and also to generate word-of-mouth buzz.