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Companies could look to outsource responsibility for data issues

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Limitations within businesses' IT departments may lead to an increasing number of organizations looking to outsource responsibility for data cleansing.

Writing for eBizO, industry expert Nari Kannan revealed that an increasing number of companies were now turning to cloud vendors to deal with data issues.

Mr Kannan suggested that frustration over limitations in organization's own IT departments could be the reason for the switch.

"IT has a big headache just collecting, cleansing and storing data, let alone creating reports out of them, useful ones," he stated.

Last month, research conducted by independent analyst firm The Information Difference suggested that the implementation of data governance schemes will lead to better data quality.

Indeed, data governance emerged as a key factor for effective master data management (MDM) and data quality programs.

To this end, 71 per cent of enterprises questioned have implemented a data governance program or plan to do so within one year, the study found.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler