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Companies must address issues when using cloud for big data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Cloud computing is often seen as a keystone to harness big data, as the nearly limitless scalability of the virtual environment and high availability of effective applications make analyzing and storing the massive volumes of information easier. Still, decision-makers considering implementing the cloud to leverage big data will need to address some challenges along the way, according to a CloudTimes report.

Integration is the first issue that IT departments need to address, as leveraging a single system to collect and decipher millions of records can cause some problems, the news source said. Businesses need to ensure they don't experience any bandwidth limitations or security problems when analyzing files.

Companies also need to keep information relevant, CloudTimes noted. In other words, losing sight of data quality when leveraging the cloud can create severe repercussions that can ripple through the rest of the organization, one department at a time.

"The cloud provides instant scalability and elasticity and lets you focus on analytics instead of infrastructure," Amazon spokesperson Tera Randall said, according to Network World. "It enhances your ability and capability to ask interesting questions about your data and get rapid, meaningful answers."

While the cloud can help organizations prepare for the big data phenomenon, IT departments must ensure that data quality remains true.