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Companies 'must prove they are the best in their field'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies that are launching a new marketing campaign have been advised to back up their claims with solid evidence.

According to Boost Marketing, promotional content often talks up a firm's competencies and capabilities without actually proving it to the customer.

Organizations have therefore been encouraged to recognize the value of awards and accreditations they may have won and use these to show off their expertise and skills.

Surveys were also flagged up as a good way of collecting evidence that can portray how good a company is at providing goods or services.

Chris Robinson, managing director of Boost Marketing, said this method is "simple and inexpensive" and can help to "reassure a potential buyer" with factual evidence.

He added that businesses could complement this data by using quotes from previous customers on their promotional material.

"Companies fail to prove they are the best, but in the current climate, consumers need proof," Mr Robinson commented.

Posted by Paul Newton