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Companies need to go beyond elementary big data plans

Rachel Wheeler Archive
By now, most companies have realized the value of big data. A recent survey of 365 companies conducted by CIO Magazine found that 48 percent believe big data analytics will become an important aspect of cross-departmental business operations. To capitalize on these capabilities, 65 percent have already set plans in motion or anticipate doing so in the near future.

When launching big data plans, it's important for companies to move forward with specific goals in mind and keep an eye on data quality. Unfortunately, many enterprises get caught up in the excitement of implementing their strategies, and do not anticipate their long-term needs, according to GigaOm. In order to benefit from advanced actionable insight, businesses need to do more than simply store data.

Specifically, firms need to implement the data quality tools and professionals that can make big data processing fast, the source points out. Additionally, they need to find ways to incorporate the new content into their current data processing systems in an organized fashion, in order for analysts to quickly gain critical and timely insight that can improve decision-making processes.

"Big data has the potential to transform the relationship that businesses can have with customers and an agile business analytics platform can give teams within these organizations the ability to perform sophisticated analytics and find opportunities for driving business growth," said Wynn White, vice president of marketing at Birst, a business analytics firm.