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Companies 'not planning for future' cloud integration

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Too few companies hold a clear and defined vision of how they plan to move to full adoption of cloud computing services, it has been suggested.

The Financial Times has claimed that many businesses are missing out on the full benefits of the hosted management platform because they lack the foresight and future planning needed to ensure smooth implementation of integrated clouds.

"Without a strategic plan of this type it is not obvious whether an individual decision to use a service or technology will get you closer to real benefits of cloud computing - agility and business alignment," the article explains.

Careful planning for the future allows organizations to "define their road map" and avoid unnecessary spending on cloud solutions which "promise instant clouds but introduce proprietary technologies that will not fit into the architecture and establish an order for what comes first".

Meanwhile, recent comments from Safe Technologies have suggested that smaller businesses are getting a competitive edge over their larger counterparts thanks to safe and efficient data management services in the cloud.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler