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Companies should promote discussion of data issues

Rachel Wheeler Archive
IT practitioners worried about data quality issues should not be afraid of speaking out about any business problems.

An article by SmartData Collective highlights the fact that many problems surrounding database management can occur when concerns are not discussed.

The news provider reports that these problems can be a result of a number of factors, such as the need to meet deadlines.

However, promoting this culture within a business may have an overall negative impact on the company's data quality over time.

''It encourages others to ignore issues, gradually eroding data quality and integrity and, in time, confidence in the overall systems of record in an organization,'' the article said.

Meanwhile, Ian Huckle, chief executive officer of international consultancy Business and Decision, believes that the pursuit of good data quality should be viewed by businesses as being of high importance.

He explains that organizations need to ensure that they possess high quality information if they want to make ''confident and consistent'' business decisions.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler