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Companies think big data quality is high

Paul Newman Archive
According to InformationWeek, the advent of big data storage and management may have given companies some misleading ideas about their own capabilities. For instance, some firms may believe they have the information they need. Despite this confidence, not many have the dedicated data quality sections that could make their plans successful.

The source suggested companies may be neglecting to report issues with their information management capabilities. For instance, such firms will release data to the public but not state important statistics like margin of error. Such careless businesses will have a hard time obtaining the "single point of truth" they strive for.

InformationWeek noted that there may be a shortage of specialized data users within company hierarchies leading to problems. While analysts can help with these issues, the news source's recent survey found that only 25 percent of firms listed such workers as a top two data user group.

Keeping accurate tabs on big data could soon be a foundational skill for businesses of all types. Gartner's recent IT survey indicated that it will become a normal part of operations by 2018. 2020, analyst Mark Breyer said, there will be no "big data," only "data."