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Companies urged to cut data management costs

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations are increasingly overpaying when it comes to data center implementation, it has been claimed.

That is according to Chris James, director of EMEA marketing at Virtual Instruments, who claimed that there are a number of areas where businesses can cut costs when it comes to data management.

"Today's data centers are massively over-provisioned due to lack of visibility of all the network-attached components," he explained.

Indeed, Mr James noted that companies are increasingly overspending in areas such as their initial outlay, hiring dedicated staff and ongoing running costs such as power, cooling and maintenance.

He added that organizations can reduce their spending by improving the "visibility" in their data centers. Businesses can measure, analyze and then optimize their storage area networks, he added.

"This means that new hardware is not required, as existing kit can be used more effectively, thus reducing energy use," Mr James explained.

His comments follow the release of new research from Gartner which found that the cloud infrastructure as a service market is set to record strong worldwide growth in the coming years with many organizations looking to future-proof their data management processes.

Posted by Paul Newman