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Company-wide data quality measures are needed

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses need to ensure that they implement a company-wide data quality policy to avoid storing multiple records on their databases.

This is the view of data quality consultant Jim Harris who told the IT Business Edge website that many organizations are facing problems as a result of their own data management procedures.

He told the news provider that each separate company department is likely to ignore the overall business aims and focus on their own data issues.

"You could have three different databases that you're trying to integrate into a new master data management hub, for example," Mr Harris explained.

"The marketing database doesn't care what's in the billing database or what's in the customer service database, so they're going to manage their data how they want to."

As a result, Mr Harris explains that companies can find that their customer service standards begin to slip, with consumers being sent incorrect documents or multiple copies of correspondence.

Posted by Richard Jones