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Comparison site utilizes ZIP Code software

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A comparison site for financial services is using ZIP Code software to help its customers find insurance deals.

The service helps users find a good deal by allowing them to search through insurance companies' offers available in their ZIP Code, according to

Customers can enter a district into the system, after which the site brings up a list of local insurance providers and the deals they offer, allowing users to see at a glance the best policies for them in their area.

Lisa Graham of highlighted the importance of finding a good policy because "if you have financed your home like most homeowners the bank will require you to have homeowners insurance coverage".

She added: "Even if you do not own the home or apartment you live in, you should consider renters insurance which will help you replace items lost for the same reasons above."

Last year, there were 2,222,196 burglaries in the US, according to the FBI's statistics.