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Complexities of business data present companies with 'a challenge'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations offering directory services must ensure that data quality is high on their list of priorities.

Writing for Search Engine Land, Chris Smith has explained that dealing with the complexities of business data should be viewed as a key challenge by companies.

"Business data has extra complexities that may resist a true 'open information' approach," he wrote.

"There needs to be formal processes to handle deletions of defunct businesses, spam-resistant additions of new businesses and updates mostly need to come from authorised business reps."

Indeed, Mr Smith notes that it is important to "impose structure" in names - among other fields.

Meanwhile, new research has highlighted the financial benefits of good data quality to an organization.

A recent study sponsored by SAP's Sybase has found that a ten per cent improvement in areas, including data quality, can translate to a significant boost to businesses' finances.

In particular retail, consulting services, financial services, telecommunications and energy/gas service industries would be the largest benefactors of improvements to effective data.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler