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Compression can cut data management costs

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations can save money on data management and storage costs by embracing data de-duplication across the board, it has been claimed.

Speaking to, Wayne Salpietro, the director of product social media marketing at Permabit, explained that the storage compression technique has undergone a dramatic change in recent years and is no longer "the old standalone backup appliance".

He suggested that modern technology has transformed the method, making it flexible enough to use in every aspect of data management in order to optimize IT.

"Why everywhere? That's easy: because data is everywhere. Dedupe (data de-duplication) saves costs and improves efficiency, so it makes sense to deploy it everywhere it can make a positive impact to your business," Mr Salpietro said.

He suggested that the process will be essential in the coming years as businesses struggle to cope with the deluge of information they need to store.

Stephen J Bigelow, senior technology editor at, explained that this technique is ideal for firms struggling to cope with data quantity and compliance.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler