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Connectivity needs considering in cloud record management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses considering moving records management systems to the cloud need to consider connectivity as well as cost, it has been claimed.

Andy Horn, general manager at Easynet Connect, said that many organizations are still citing security as their main concern, even though poor connectivity can be as damaging as a major data loss.

"Our research clearly shows that businesses, both large and small, are yet to fully grasp the point that if everything is already in the cloud and the internet connection fails then the business simply grinds to a halt," he explained.

His comments follow research by Ovum which revealed that the challenges faced by telcos as they try to embrace cloud services are "significant".

Mr Horn said that companies need to shift their gaze from one solely focused on cost in order to ensure services remain reliable and of a high standard.

Organizations need to review their connectivity levels when planning a move to the cloud.

Posted by Richard Jones