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Consider timing for the perfect email marketing campaign

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Marketing executives have been told that timing is crucial for the success of their customer-facing email campaigns.

According to industry expert Maria Pergolino, organizations should look to hone their strategies and objectives this coming year.

Writing in her column for Customer Think, she argued that there is an "art" and "science" behind email marketing, which can even come down to the day in which messages are sent out.

Ms Pergolino noted that Tuesday is often believed to be the optimal day for sending B2B messages while Friday is considered the worst day.

"Many send out emails without truly understanding the reason for the email in the first place. Before drafting a campaign, consider the objective," she said.

Indeed, these objectives may also ensure that campaigns are targeted towards improving open rates and personalization among recipients.

Meanwhile, industry expert Bill Kaplan, chief executive officer of FreshAddress, recently advised marketers about the importance of keeping consumer contact details and email lists current.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler