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Consultancy advises CRM investment

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A specialist consultancy in New York has advised businesses to invest in customer relationship management (CRM) at the first opportunity.

Citrin Cooperman and Co says that CRM solutions could be very useful for businesses across the US looking to expand, as their existing strategies may not be suitable to continued growth.

Investing in CRM could ensure data quality is sustained and with the global downturn continuing to affect the economy small and medium-sized enterprises especially could benefit from the software's renowned flexibility.

Businesses could also take advantage of the increasing closeness between CRM and social networking services by finding out where their prospective customers can be found and monitoring both the cultural tide and public perceptions of their operation.

In addition, hosted solutions could help save money and cut the cost of maintenance for companies already pursuing greater cost-effectiveness.

Apparel retailer Urban Outfitters recently announced it will be doing more with CRM in a bid to make its marketing strategies more efficient.