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Consulting firm envisions big data future

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The need for advanced data quality and management efforts aimed at unstructured information has, in the past, been limited to a few early technology adopters. As big data expands its operational footprint, however, companies of all types will need to deliver a safe, organized and useful storage framework for increased quantities of information.

CCID, a consulting firm in the tech industry, recently issued a series of big data observations and predictions, noting that companies are constantly developing new ways to use the systems. The firm explained that the technology is already firmly in place in retail, as well as at utilities providers.

Big data is also an ongoing factor in internet-based companies. These companies were among the first to take stabs at data analysis at scale, as they have easy access to information inputs. CCID explained that such companies use their data to personalize marketing offers, and comb everything from social sites to internal records to make choices.

Express Computer recently shared a similarly open-ended analysis of the big data market. The source found new database types are on the rise, with companies choosing NoSQL offerings that do not restrict item format. The cloud also presents an intriguing, scalable data option.