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Consumer concerns about data security and privacy 'are growing'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data security and privacy is becoming a highly important issue to members of the public, according to a new survey.

Research by Edelman has revealed that more than two-thirds of consumers feel they no longer have any control over how businesses handle and use their personal details.

The study also showed that nearly three-quarters have become more worried about data security and privacy since 2007.

Pete Pederson, spokesman for Edelman, commented: "Business leaders must begin to think about managing data security and privacy as a core competency - one that has real potential to affect a company's bottom line."

This could be particularly important for technology providers, as concerns over whether their information is safe is a prime concern among computer and smartphone buyers, as well as people who are buying tablets.

The Edelman study showed many respondents consider data security and privacy more important than considerations such as a device's size and specifications.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler