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Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights published

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights has been put forward by the US government.

According to President Barack Obama, people need to be assured their personal data is safe on the internet.

This, he said, means they cannot wait much longer for the introduction of rules that help to achieve this goal.

"As the internet evolves, consumer trust is essential for the continued growth of the digital economy," the president commented.

Under the new bill of rights, people will be entitled to have more control over what personal details are collected by businesses and how they are used.

Transparency, security and accountability are at the heart of the new guidelines, which it is hoped will help consumers feel more confident and willing to trust organizations.

President Obama added that people "must feel secure" if businesses are to succeed in the digital world.

He said complying with the bill of rights would help to make sure the internet continues to be a "platform for innovation and economic growth".

Posted by Paul Newton