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Consumerism 'impacting data management procedures'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data management professionals are finding that consumerism is among one of the biggest challenges faced within the industry.

IT departments are being swamped with the demand to make personal devices such as smartphones and tablets accessible for work purposes, Websense has stated.

Spencer Parker, group product manager at the firm, explained that the consumerization of IT requires IT departments to perform "a balancing act".

"Maybe that [person] needs to get his work done, and the only way of doing it is on their phone, because [the company is] not providing the phone to do it," he said.

"The IT department then has a balancing act; they're losing access to that data because they're putting it onto a device they no longer own or control – is that an accessible risk?"

Meanwhile, Kaspersky Lab recently announced that it believes the total volume of mobile malware in 2011 will be double that of 2010.