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Consumers 'turned off' by mobile advertising

Rachel Wheeler Archive
New research has highlighted the ineffectiveness of adverts sent to consumers' mobile devices, with many finding them to be "intrusive".

A study conducted by Deloitte has found that 88 per cent of respondents ignore adverts that they are sent to their mobiles, while 36 per cent delete them straight away.

The news is likely to be welcomed by US-based marketers, who may be tempted to turn to email marketing in order to get their message across.

Deloitte says some users feel mobile marketing is an invasion of privacy.

"Citizens in some countries may regard advertising sent to what they would regard as a personal device as intrusive and default to ignoring any advertising," the report said. "If this is the case, location-based mobile advertising to this type of audience may well be counter-productive."

However, despite the results of the study, the research firm added that mobile advertising was likely to gain in strength with every year that passes.

Meanwhile, in a post for, Steve McGrath, of Big Dot Media, has claimed that personalized, targeted, relevant and triggered emails are becoming ever more important to organizations hoping to communicate with their customers.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler