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Consumers want more linked marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Consumers are increasingly expecting integration of new technology from their favorite stores. The hybris Multichannel Shopping Survey showed that people are increasingly using mobile devices to compare prices and products even when in a brick-and-mortar store.

The survey found that 19 percent of consumers use mobile devices when they are in a store. Most commonly these devices are used for comparison, but 7 percent of users stated they also read product reviews on their phones or tablets.

"What we have found is that consumers have expectations that their favorite retailers will be accessible to them anytime and anywhere. Retailers who aren't keeping up with the latest technology will find their customers moving to a retailer who will," said Steven Kramer, president of North America at hybris.

These trends have driven the expansion of mobile marketing over the last few years. The technology to make purchases from a phone or mobile device has begun to fully penetrate the retail market and consumer expectation has changed with it.

Companies now need to reach consumers wherever they are. The task to continually improve data quality is an integral part of those efforts. Organizations that can quickly verify mobile information are able to better reach consumers with ads, promotions or information that can help drive sales.