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Contact centers can leverage big data to improve customer satisfaction

Paul Newman Archive

Leveraging information in regard to consumer trends and behavior, contact centers can drastically improve customer service. The advent of big data provides unique opportunities for help desks. By utilizing analytic tools, organizations can ensure the data quality of the accumulated information is sufficient, enabling them to boost customer experience by meeting demands, according to a CIO report.

"Contact centers already have rich data and basic analytical capabilities," HfS Research executive vice president Tony Filippone said, according to the news source. "New solutions have to be proven better, otherwise the advanced analytics will be dismissed as too 'fuzzy.'"

Next-generation business intelligence solutions will need to drive action, Filippone noted. Analytics must encourage change within the organization, rather than simply provide insight.

"It isn't enough to count issues and score sentiment," Filippone asserted, according to CIO. "New solutions have drive agent behavior change or transformations of CRM strategies."

IDC noted that the big data technology and services market, which includes analytic applications, will grow about seven times faster than the traditional IT industry.

Contact centers can take advantage of this growing market and leverage new tools that give them the ability to enhance overall customer experience.