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Contact centers forecast to account for $5.8bn of CRM revenue in 2009

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Around $5.8 billion of the revenue generated by customer relationship management (CRM) solution sales in 2009 is forecast to come from contact centers, new research claims.

The figures from research firm IDC suggest 2.5 per cent growth for this year and up to six per cent annual growth for the next few years as call centers continue to expand in number, reports

Call center expansion has slowed for many businesses due to the recession, but the sector has experienced growth nonetheless and corporations in the US are seeking more efficient operating models in order to curb costs and sustain a high level of data quality.

Peter Ryan, lead analyst for contact center outsourcing at Datamonitor, told the website: "With the recession, the contact center industry [in North America] is now moving to a recovery and there is a greater focus on moving more work onshore and developing more innovative business models."

In other news, a CRM solution has been taken on by Ohio University partly to assist with its fundraising activities.