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Contact centers urged to monitor social media

Rachel Wheeler Archive
As technology continues to evolve at a fast pace, business contact centers now have to monitor social media, it has been claimed.

According to a report by ZD Net, as customers head online to review and check the quality of goods and services, organizations are increasingly monitoring feedback and enquiries.

Speaking to the news provider, Vijay Venugopalan, head of CRM capability at BT, said that 82 to 85 per cent of customers in mature markets use social media to check the quality of goods and services.

However, he noted that it was important that companies did not focus all of their efforts on improving social media-based communication and alienate non-tech savvy consumers.

Indeed, while the social media channel is increasingly popular, customers are still diverse in their platform of choice for problem solving.

"For some customers, self-service is the answer while others refuse to use anything but social media. The more savvy users prefer to post requests on user forums, while others prefer to just call the contact centers," Erwann Thomassain, director of account and regional marketing at Amdocs, confirmed.

Posted by Paul Newman