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Contact data quality helps direct mail campaigns succeed

Rachel Wheeler Archive
In recent years, many marketing analysts have criticized direct mail as a thing of the past, assigning it to the history books and eliminating it as a weapon in their advertising arsenals.

Yet as Buzz Small Business Magazine reports, the channel is anything but dead. In fact, it can provide a major boost to a brand and can result in many more responses than some of the newer marketing tactics.

However, in order to get the most out of direct mail, companies must remember a few factors. The source emphasizes the importance of list hygiene. Take the time for address verification so the right people are receiving your messages. Additionally, keep track of how often you send out marketing materials to consumers and make sure the frequency helps, not hinders, your attempt to convert a customer or close a sale.

Paying attention to contact data quality can also help environmentally conscious companies reduce the amount of waste that results from direct mail campaigns. By ensuring that there are no duplicate or outdated addresses on the mailing list, businesses can stop undeliverable or unnecessary pieces from being sent out.