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Content strategies evolve to help firms make most of social media

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers are continually developing their marketing content strategies as they look to make the most of social media.

According to Elemental director Tim Gibbon, firms are fighting to push themselves ahead of the brands of other competitors in the social media marketplace.

As such, they are constantly having to re-think and re-organize their marketing plans, leading to the introduction of more contents strategists, who are able to exploit the full capabilities of social media interaction with consumers.

"Businesses have been guilty of creating content for sites, brands and/or campaigns that address short-term objectives in pushing one-way dialogue and not the long-term goals required for consistent communications," Mr Gibbon added.

According to research from the University of Maryland, Facebook's "app economy" alone is responsible for keeping 182,000 people in employment in the US, contributing between $12.19 billion and $15.71 billion to the economy.

Posted by Richard Jones