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Context-aware marketing gaining momentum

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Today's rapidly evolving digital landscape is giving retailers new opportunities to develop more accurate marketing campaigns. A report by Forbes highlighted how the advent of cloud and big data solutions is providing businesses with the ability to launch context-aware advertising strategies that prioritize data quality over everything else.

Contextual marketing strategies allow organizations to give consumers what they want when they want it, Forbes wrote. Companies are beginning to supply prospective clients with relevant coupons and promotions when they are in the store or near the retail outlet.

By using real-time analytic and contextual analysis solutions, businesses can transmit applicable offerings to customers without invading privacy or disrupting the shopping experience. A separate report by Baseline said these location-aware services, which are primarily available through mobile gadgets, are reinventing the marketing and retail landscape.

"The disruptions caused by context-aware computing will include major user, technology and business shifts," said William Clark, research analyst at Gartner, according to Baseline.

As individuals continue to use smartphones and tablets for more activities, contextual marketing strategies will grow in importance, providing companies with the ability to address customers in real time with relevant content.