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Control costs through data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Millions of dollars are wasted by companies every day. This money is spent on something that is largely avoidable: improperly addressed mail.

Target Marketing recently reported that 7 billion pieces of mail were undeliverable in 2010. This represents 4 to 5 percent of volume carried by the United States Postal Service. Many of these items are largely the result of companies conducting direct mailing campaigns with inaccurate information. 

Address verification is a quick, easy and affordable way to ensure that your campaign reaches its target audience, and it helps control costs. Seven billion pieces of mail end up nowhere near their intended target because companies operate with old or incomplete data.

Consumer information changes regularly. Old addresses are likely to reach a different occupant, one that would be annoyed to receive mail addressed to someone else. An effective campaign will reach the maximum number of people in its audience with a offer that fits their needs. Incomplete customer information makes this task significantly harder.

Information control is as vital to a direct marketing campaign as the creation of a mailing. Companies that don't take the time to address the accuracy of their information will continually see small returns and increasing costs.