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Corporate partnership could expand neighborhood data coverage

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new partnership between real estate website Trulia and neighborhood boundary data firm Maponics could help expand the former's data coverage.

Trulia uses zip code software and address data to offer information and map displays on US towns and cities and gets around 5.5 million unique visitors a month.

Maponics is one of the leading neighborhood boundary data firms in the country that will be able to use its resources to expand Trulia's existing coverage by as much as 300 per cent, which could mean the number of people using the service each month could grow substantially.

Emmanuel Fare, vice-president of product and user experience at Trulia, said: "As we continue to grow, we felt it was important to expand the number of cities with detailed neighborhood information. After extensively testing various sources, Maponics provided the best data and solutions to fit our needs."

Maponics said it was happy to be involved with one of the firms responsible for pioneering online mapping in the US.

In other news, zip code verification has revealed that average broadband speeds in Florida have fallen over the past year, reports the Tampa Bay Times.