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Correct address data is vital for marketing success

Rachel Wheeler Archive

US marketers looking to implement a successful direct mail or email marketing campaign should take advantage of targeted promotions, it has been suggested.

Businesses may want to ensure that information, such as address data, is correct before they follow the advice given to them by Target Marketing Magazine.

According to the news provider, the decline in mailing volumes is giving organizations the opportunity to capitalize on less competition.

"Marketers today have a better opportunity than ever to improve their direct mail and e-mail response rates through using personalization, segmentation and relevance," emphasizes Laurie Beasley, president of Beasley Direct Marketing.

"The CMO Council reports that up to 39 per cent of CMOs feel adding personalization increases loyalty, heightens response and close rates and ROI, and is a better expenditure of marketing dollars."

Writing for DMNews earlier this year, Mike Yapuncich, vice president of product development at Experian Marketing Services, recommended that businesses took advantage of address verification software to make sure that address data was current and correct.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler