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Cost benefits and risk analysis need to be completed before moving to the cloud

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Cloud computing services are likely to have a profound effect on the manner in which IT professionals conduct business, it has been claimed.

The Information Week Analytics 2010 Cloud Computing and IT Staffing Survey states that individuals who are in a position to influence company policy relating to the technology have to "juggle weighty considerations".

The cost-saving benefits of the service have to be considered alongside the risks that moving data to an outside provider will inevitably bring, Information Week states.

"Three-fifths of these pros responding to our survey say their companies have either adopted cloud services or plan to within the next 24 months," the article added.

"By contrast, only about one-third of IT staff say this is the case."

According to an article by Yomiuri, the uptake of cloud computing among large enterprises and government agencies is likely to become even more popular, as individuals look to take advantage of its cost-saving and efficient nature.

However, a number of organizations remain concerned that storing information on external servers brings with it a large amount of risk regarding the security of data.

Posted by Paul Newman