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Could Google row lead businesses to look at data collection practices?

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The recent problems surrounding Google's data collection practices may attract increased scrutiny from Republican lawmakers in the next Congress, it has been claimed.

According to the LA Times, the internet search giant's data gathering exercises have already gained the attention of Rep Joe Barton.

The news may lead to an increase in organizations looking to ensure their own data collection practices fall in line with privacy laws.

Mr Barton is one of several lawmakers competing for the top job on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which deals with telecommunications policy and may tackle the issue of consumer privacy on the web.

The search giant has said repeatedly that the data collection was inadvertent, something that Mr Barton disagrees with.

"In that case, there appears to have been a conscious effort to collect information," he said. "It wasn't just kind of accidentally gathered."

And the Republican has said that he would consider investigating Google if he became chairman of the committee.

Posted by Paul Newman