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Could SaaS uptake increase after as businesses become less 'fearful' about security?

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A large number of businesses around the world are overestimating the security issues which surround cloud computing, it has been suggested.

Rob Lovell, chief executive officer of ThinkGrid, has claimed that the vast majority of organizations remain fearful of potential breaches of security if they implement the solution.

"However, when they understand that data is stored remotely in the cloud and is managed by a specialist company with a highly skilled team of IT professionals, it is actually far more secure than their typical office IT set-up," he explained.

The expert's comments may encourage a number of businesses to look at how technology such as software as a service (SaaS) could benefit them.

Indeed, a recent forecast by Ovum predicted this week that cloud services and security would be two if the most important trends in enterprise IT next year.

"We are now at a time where technology can enable [people] to break free and work anytime and anywhere," Mr Lovell explained. "Cloud computing not only promotes this type of freedom but also ensures that it is economically viable."

Posted by Paul Newman