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Could uptake of website technology solutions increase to improve customer service?

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The current economic climate presents retailers with the perfect opportunity to take advantage of new technology.

Marie Churchill, senior editor at NG Online News, has claimed that by utilizing technology, organizations will be able to improve their customer service and help shape a "better retail experience for the future".

Writing for, the industry expert has suggested that taking advantage of the latest technology could be beneficial.

The news may lead to an increase in the number of online retailers looking to improve their website technology so as to better their customer service.

"Now is the time to truly bring the consumption experience to the consumer versus the customer going to the experience, [businesses] now need to integrate business intelligence in order to deliver brand messages, promotions, products and customer views successfully," Ms Churchill added.

"By doing this we will be able to attract and maintain more profitable customers utilizing efficient fulfillment methods to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction."

Posted by Paul Newman