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Courier looks to improve customer service with address verification

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Retailers considering purchasing online address verification software will find that they are able to improve their customer service as a result of the technology.

Inaccurate addressing and poor address input have been identified as two key areas in which mistakes are made, Parcel Web Express has claimed.

Speaking to Marketing Week, the online courier service, which operates around the world, has explained that using traditional carbon copy paper means that organizations leave themselves open to the threat of operational problems.

"Using this method, spelling mistakes, illegible writing or using postcodes which don't correspond to the remainder of the address can cause huge problems, such as delayed delivery or worse, parcels being lost," Paul Foster, operations manager at Parcel Web Express, said.

As such, the courier has integrated an online address verification tool to its website to help ensure that data inputted by customers is correct.

"Offering quality customer service therefore had to include quick and easy address look-up and data entry to help avoid the common problems of carbon copy courier methods, also making the customers’ experience in using our website an efficient, quick and memorable one," Mr Foster added.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler