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Couriers given handheld device for address verification

Rachel Wheeler Archive

A courier has equipped its teams with handheld devices that work with its existing address data.

The DX Group has rolled out the technology with the aim of complementing its existing delivery and tracking systems.

Mike Stone, chief operating officer at the company, claims that the devices ensure data quality is high, ensuring information is being fed back to headquarters about the status of packages and parcels.

He says it is crucial that customers have no element of doubt and that the device enables address verification and emphasises the reliability of the service.

Raymond Murphy, a courier at the group, states: "We have to plan our own routes and when we deliver the packages we must collect a three-point identifier of the location to ensure we have a fully visible trail of delivery for our clients."

Earlier this month, surveyors began the address verification process for the 2010 census, with volunteers checking every house is present in the Census Bureau's database of details through a handheld device.