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CPO Commerce chooses Experian QAS for address validation

Rachel Wheeler Archive
CPO Commerce has revealed exactly why it chose address verification software from Experian QAS to improve the efficiency of its business.

The major online retail operator wanted to find a new system that would help to reduce the number of packages that are returned while also improving the efficiency of employee's work.

Brandon Cipes, director of technology at CPO Commerce, said that nearly ten per cent of the company's address data had some kind of inaccuracy within it, which created a problem when that data was then passed on to various parts of the business.

"We needed to put a tool in place to guarantee clean address data upon entry but also to ensure a seamless experience for the customer," he said.

In response, the company has rolled has out QAS Pro On Demand across all of its Demandware-powered ecommerce sites, enabling it to validate data as soon as it is entered online and preventing errors from filtering throughout the business.

Posted by Paul Newton