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Creating a more data quality-friendly environment

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A growing number of company leaders are identifying data as a core component of their growth and performance improvement. Yet data quality still seems to be missing from their discussions, Loraine Lawson writes for IT Business Edge.

She notes that what constitutes data quality has changed over the years, from simply matching up data to addressing a number of issues, including: "Is it good? Is it accurate? Is it recent and reliable? And perhaps most importantly, can I depend upon it for making strategic and daily business decisions?"

Because of the importance of data in the organization, Lawson argues that chief information officers need to do more to make the issue a company-wide concern. Having accurate and relevant data helps people make better-informed decisions, but it is also important for compliance in many industries.

In a separate article for the news source, Lawson points to a study from Nucleus Research, which had found that having low-quality data in an enterprise can lead to incorrect assessments about a company's "IT landscape" and can introduce risks related to information technology.