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Creative content is best for direct mailers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers who utilize direct mail as a means of communicating with customers may be interested to learn that creative content can help to maximize response rates.

Speaking to DMNews, Barbara Alba, marketing services manager at Technology Sales Resource Interactive, explained that it was important for businesses to lure customers to their mailpieces.

She told the news provider that multidimensional mailers were the most effective at enticing consumers to look at products, but that they also cost more.

In particular, the expert recommended using the two-part mailing process in the luxury car and business-to-business sectors.

"Like any advertising or marketing initiative, creative is the most important aspect of multidimensional mailers," she said.

"You need to have a powerful and intriguing message that will entice the target recipient to open the mailer."

Meanwhile, a recent report by Marketing Week encouraged organizations to be more innovative when it came to their direct mail campaigns.

According to the article, it is important that businesses utilize the medium's unique ability to physically engage customers.

Posted by Richard Jones