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CRM application value 'highlighted by recession'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The current sales cycle is more competitive than usual, highlighting the value of customer relationship management (CRM) suites for small and medium-sized enterprises, an expert asserts.

David Markus, founder of Combo, tells Smart Company that by systematically gathering all of the available information about a prospect they are more likely to respond to attempts to market towards them.

He also highlights the importance of data quality, suggesting that duplicate prospects can be dealt with by processing during the CRM stage.

"It is also most useful to us to have mechanisms (again both systemic and in the business process) to drive data quality and strong segmentation in our existing database," he asserts.

Mr Markus says that successfully maximizing the profit generated by the company's databases is the most important priority in the current economic climate.

John Stokdyk, technology editor at Sift Media, recently claimed that mobile CRM is allowing companies to capture address data while in the field.