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CRM awards 'open for nominations'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A leading research firm is opening up nominations for awards recognizing excellence in customer relationship management (CRM) and strategy.

The Gartner and 1to1 Customer Awards is in its second year and is open to any end-user organization that is delivering excellent customer experiences.

Johan Jacobs, research director at Gartner, claims that CRM strategies are essential to the development of consumer relationships.

He states: "[They are] critical to develop valuable customer relationships and create a competitive position that will allow you to leverage your company's customer assets."

Mr Jacobs says that well-executed CRM requires a strategy supporting the company's vision, key objectives and a measurable plan of action.

Among the categories firms can be nominated for are Enterprise CRM Optimization, Service Optimization and Sales Optimization.

Earlier this month, reported that data quality is becoming a crucial part of CRM software due to c-level interest in client retention.

It suggests that businesses are emphasizing return-on-investment, participation, deployment and strategy when it comes to applications of this type.