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CRM 'beating the downturn'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Customer relationship management (CRM) is faring better than other forms of enterprise software during the economic downturn.

That is according to a new poll from industry analyst Gartner, which said that revenues from CRM in Europe would grow by 0.7 per cent this year compared to 2009.

The survey of 300 business leaders and IT decision makers found that customer satisfaction was the primary objective of CRM, followed by new client acquisition.

Increasing sales of products and services slid into third place from its number two position last year.

Chris Pang, principal research analyst at Gartner, said: "Overall CRM investments are subject to heightened levels of scrutiny and executive-level involvement and as a result, we are seeing an increasing need for support and guidance in measuring and assessing the business value and return on investment of CRM.

"However, we foresee the CRM software market returning to single-digit growth in 2010."

Last year, Gartner predicted which firms that do not invest in CRM software during the recession will struggle when recovery comes.