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CRM can be improved with ERP, expert claims

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses which are hoping to improve their customer relationship management (CRM) systems should undertake enterprise resource planning (ERP), it has been suggested.

According to a report from, ERP has become accepted as a "mission-critical enterprise application" since achieving prominence during the 1990s.

ERP adoption can also be beneficial to business intelligence projects.

Speaking to the news provider, Eric Kimberling, president of Panorama Consulting Group, indicated that companies looking for CRM improvements are increasingly turning to ERP.

He stated that using ERP software can assist in bringing superior efficiency and effectiveness to sales and customer service processes.

"Companies have reduced their margins of error for missteps during the recession, so they will continue to rely on ERP systems to provide operational data to make more informed decisions," the expert added.

Meanwhile, the arrival of the holiday season has meant that CRM systems are now more prevalent than ever, with consumers now more willing to share their views with the companies which they are buying from, CRM Buyer reports.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler