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CRM 'can reward loyal customers'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
According to industry publication Marketing Direct, car manufacturer Hyundai recently launched a new campaign using the technology to target loyal customers.

Hyundai owners were sent a chamois leather cleaning cloth bearing the message: "You've taken great care of your car, now here's something to help you look after your new one".

Also included in the marketing package is a brochure recreating a car dealership, complete with details of all new models launched since the customer's last vehicle was purchased.

Andrew Cullis, marketing director at Hyundai, told the magazine the campaign was "one of a suite of communications aimed at Hyundai owners and forms part of an overall focus as a business on increasing brand loyalty and repurchase rates".

CE Pro magazine recently agreed CRM software helps marketers offer a more personalized service, as taking advantage of the technology can help businesses sustain the loyalty of a client base.