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CRM crucial to sustaining customer base

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Effective customer relationship management (CRM) software is set to become crucial to business success in the coming years.

The rapid spread of social networking over the internet has created a new virtual forum over which businesses can choose to interact and sustain their customer base, but keeping track of all the different media outlets requires a greater level of organization, reports

Using the technology to create detailed customer profiles and target individuals with specific campaigns they are likely to respond to are crucial elements of modern business that must be rapidly mastered.

While using CRM to ensure data quality and sustain a brand's relevance, the technology can also be used to operate a more cost-effective business through the use of a single system, which is particularly crucial in the existing economic climate.

Computing giant Microsoft recently tied its own Dynamics CRM software to rapidly expanding social networking service Twitter, as a measure of the importance the company places on the emerging media.