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CRM data can be used to companies' advantage

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US organizations have been advised to take advantage of data contained on their CRM systems to gain information surrounding their customers.

Writing for Target Marketing Magazine, Ann Cannon recommended businesses follow three steps to maximize the potential from their current CRM data systems.

By using analytics, delivering high-value messages and minimizing wasteful spending, companies would be able to effectively communicate with customers with messages and through delivery channels which they favour.

"When an organization takes this thoughtful approach, customers are more likely to open, read or listen to messages, ultimately resulting in loyal, satisfied customers and profitable long-term relationships," Ms Cannon noted in the article.

In addition, by streamlining their communications businesses are also likely to benefit from efficiency savings.

Meanwhile, Laurence Buchanan, head of Capgemini, recently highlighted the importance of data quality for the success of CRM's in a report on ZDNet.

He placed it among some of the top reasons that CRM projects can fail, alongside cultural change, lack of executive backing and the ignoring of change management.

Posted by Paul Newton