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CRM data on mobile devices 'may be security risk'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Customer Management Relationship (CRM) information stored on mobile devices can represent a security risk, an expert warns.

Marshall Lager, senior editor of CRM magazine, says that the threats are similar to those traditionally associated with non-secure email, which could compromise data quality.

He states that what makes this different is the added risk of exposing business systems and private data.

The editor added that the most important security measures related to this sector, more so than steps such as address verification, is simply that individuals do not expose their login and password information.

Mr Lager adds that CRM applications which allow anytime access are in demand.

The expert explains: "While not every business or businessperson needs mobility, it's important that CRM vendors provide the option - it's part of the cost of entry to the market."

Earlier this month, a study by Credant Technologies claimed that using devices such as laptops and smartphones to carry out work-related tasks from bed could compromise IT security.